Monday, December 3, 2012

Five Fun And Messy Art Projects For Active Kids

Too often we think of art projects as something kids can do only while sitting quietly. Fortunately, for those of us with squirmy, active kids, that’s not true! Summer is the perfect time to get your active and creative kids outside to make some messy art projects. Here are five fun art activities to get you started.

Splatter Painting. Encourage your little Jackson Pollocks to create a giant masterpiece. Spread out a large piece of paper on the ground and provide a variety of paint and brushes. Kids will enjoy splattering, dripping and flicking paint across the paper. Stand clear because this gets really fun and really messy very quickly!

Marble Rolling: Place a piece of paper in a deep tray or large bin. Kids can coat marbles or other small objects such as golf or ping pong balls with paint. They could even use toy cars. Have children place paint-coated objects in the tray and tilt the tray to roll the objects back and forth in different directions. Kids will love manipulating the objects to make tracks across the paper.

Container Painting. Wrap a piece of paper along the inside edge of a container. Large yogurt containers work especially well, but any size container, large or small, will do. Have kids squirt a few dime-sized blobs of paint in the container and drop in several small objects: marbles, pom pom or cotton balls, rocks, and acorns produce great results. Place lid tightly on container and shake, roll, and toss it around. Put on some music and dance! When kids decide they’re done, open up the container and view the new masterpiece.

Foot Painting. You’ve heard of finger painting, so why not let your kids paint with their toes? Spread out a large piece of paper, squirt paint in a tray that kids can step into. Let your kids walk, run, dance, skip, hop and jump across the paper. A bucket of soapy water will come in handy before they head back inside!

Ball Painting. This one is not for the faint of heart, but kids love it. Coat tennis or ping pong balls with tempera paint and let your kids bounce them against paper you’ve spread out on the ground, or hung on a fence. If you use washable paints and are feeling especially brave, let the kids loose on the driveway, the fence, or the even the garage door. The art will stay put until the next rain storm – or until someone turns the hose on it!

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